Our Story

Breezy Corners Kennels is a family oriented breeding program established by the Ellingson family in early 2020. We were first introduced to the world of dog breeding when we took part in a guardianship home program with Dannette Hermeier at Hermeierdoodles. Through her, we were blessed with a gorgeous standard poodle named Burkley. We served as Burkely's family and worked in partnership with Dannette when it came time to breed and whelp.

We soon were introduced to several other breeders in our area who shared lots of great information and developed lifelong relationships. We now often work in partnership for grooming, stud service, puppy transport, and other services with one another. The dog breeding community has truly transformed our lives!

Through these experiences, we learned loads about genetics, proper breeding, canine health, and infant puppy care. We developed a strong passion for ethical breeding and connecting beautiful puppies to loving families. Since then, we have worked hard to create our breeding program with the goal of creating high quality, well-adjusted puppies that would make great additions to families or be candidates for service work.

We are members of the "Badass Breeder" program. Developed by Jeanette Forrey, the "Badass Breeder" community has allowed us to learn, share, and grow as a program. We are committed to running a top-notch program and are thankful for the guidance of the BAB team.

Ellingson Family: Bethany, John, Maddie, Annie, and Tate

The Ellingson Family

Founded in 1998, the Ellingson family now consists of me (Bethany), my husband John, and our three children, Maddie, Annie, and Tate.

I work full-time as a program director at Families First. On the side, I work at the Waukon Wellness Center as a fitness instructor. I manage the majority of the breeding plans, customer communication, finances, and general business functions of the program. I am always learning and looking for new ways to improve.

My husband, John, works for the state of Iowa as social worker in the Department of Human Services. John also serves as the 3rd ward city councilmen for Waukon and is very involved in the community.

Maddie, our oldest, is 20 years old and a senior at Wartburg College. While majoring in Pre-Law/Accounting, she is a leader on the student government and in the choir. Maddie is very knowledgable about dog breeding and stays heavily involved in the program while away from home. She performs most of the grooming, training, and general care for our dogs, while also answering messages from customers and keeping the website/Facebook page up-to-date.

Annie is 15 years old and very musically inclined. She loves singing and learning to play every instrument she can get her hands on. Apart from music, she is involved in volleyball, softball, and 4-H.

Tate is 12 years old and, like most boys his age, loves playing video games. He also likes playing soccer and baseball and caring for all of our animals.