Meet Bruno, the charismatic Llewellin Setter with boundless energy and a strong sense of purpose. Admire his stunning coat pattern that never fails to turn heads. Bruno’s bird dog instincts are ingrained deep within, making him a master at pointing and hunting techniques. But beyond his impressive skills, he possesses a heart of gold, making him an absolute delight to be around.

Bruno is fully dedicated to preparing for the fall hunting season. With rigorous workouts and simulated hunts in the pipeline, he’s geared up for action. Bruno’s determination knows no bounds, making him a canine powerhouse.

In our kennel, Bruno is undoubtedly a favorite. He stands out as the nicest and most affectionate boy among our furry companions. Whether it’s hunting and chasing birds or enjoying quality time indoors, Bruno strikes a perfect balance with his gentle and loving nature.

As the proud father, Bruno has proven his worth as a top-notch Llewellin Setter stud. His passion for hunting and remarkable ability in the field make him an unstoppable force. Rest assured, he has been genetically tested and cleared, guaranteeing the health and well-being of his future offspring.

Don’t miss the chance to bring one of Bruno’s pups into your family.

Gender: Male

Breed: Llewellin Setter

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