Breezy Corners Kennels takes pride in offering exceptional English Goldendoodle puppies with a loving temperament, ensuring they find their forever homes with families who will cherish them for a lifetime. We are committed to breeding and raising English Goldendoodles with care and dedication. Our puppies are given the best start in life, surrounded by love and attention, ensuring they become cherished members of your family.

If you're looking for a devoted, intelligent, and affectionate companion, the English Goldendoodle might be the perfect addition to your home.


English Goldendoodle

Breed Profile

The English Goldendoodle is a popular hybrid breed known for its friendly nature and adorable appearance. Created by crossing a Golden Retriever with a Poodle, this breed aims to combine the intelligence and hypoallergenic qualities of the Poodle with the gentle and sociable traits of the Golden Retriever. English Goldendoodle typically exhibit a wavy or curly coat that can vary in color, and they come in different sizes, ranging from small to standard. With their loving demeanor and versatile personality, they make excellent family pets and companions for individuals of all ages.

Bruno as an adult outside in field


Your New Best Friend

Available Puppies

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