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Please fill out the puppy application. We can then contact you to fully understand what you're looking for and assist you in choosing a litter that fits you best. Once on a list, we will then keep you updated regarding heats, breedings, pregnancies, and births. 
Reservation Fee:
Collected after puppies are born. Nonrefundable. Applied to total cost of the puppy. This payment solidifies your position on the list and confirms the order in which you pick your puppy.

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At 7 weeks of age, we will hold a Selection Day. Following the order of the reservation list, customers are given a 1 hour time frame to select their puppy through an in-person visit or video call. During this time, we will answer any questions regarding puppy temperament, coat quality, bodily structure and any other topics of concern. We will do our best to help you find the perfect match for you and your family. After you have selected your puppy, we will discuss the details of Go-Home Day!

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After the puppies are born, the fun begins. Weights of the puppies are taken everyday for the first 3 weeks of their life. We do this to make sure everyone is gaining weight properly and that no one gets left behind. From day 3-16, the puppies will undergo the Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) process. (See below for more information)
From birth to 4 weeks of age, the whelping box is maintained by replacing mats, blankets, and towels daily and spot cleaning any messes. We try to avoid using too many disinfecting chemicals at this time as to not negatively impact the developing pups.
Once the puppies hit the 4-week mark, the pups receive their first round of deworming medication (Safeguard/panacur). At this age, the pups become more active and begin to explore their environment. The pups have access to an artificial grass patch to begin the potty training process.
At 6 weeks of age, the puppies are given one more round of deworming medication (Strongid/pyrantel) to ensure full effectiveness. 
During the 7th week, the puppies receive their first DAPP vaccination and be microchipped.
At 8 weeks old, the puppies take their first visit to the vet for their individual veterinarian certificates of health. A sample of stool is also examined by the vet at this time to screen for any parasites or microorganisms. 
All of these procedures will be recorded in your puppy's canine health record. 
This health protocol was developed with the focus of raising healthy puppies with as little medical intervention as possible. We want to avoid over-medicating and creating antibiotic resistance while also ensuring that our puppies are healthy and happy. Thank you to Monica Wagner, DVM. at Waukon Veterinary Services for her assistance in creating this protocol.

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Breeding puppies that not only are genetically superior, but also have stellar temperaments is a very important part to our program. In order to create puppies with properly desensitized personalities, we practice a method developed by the U.S. Military known as early neurological stimulation (ENS). 

ENS consists of a series of stimulating exercises performed on the puppies from day 3 to day 16. These exercises activate the early development of the neurological system by creating situations that do not normally occur naturally. Some benefits of this method are improved cardiovascular performance, greater tolerance to stress, and stronger resistance to disease. For more information about the ENS process, visit this website:

In addition to standard ENS, after 2 weeks of age, we play a track consisting of noises that are typically stressful for dogs such as fireworks, traffic sounds, and lightning. After 4 weeks of age, the puppies are periodically introduced to various object, challenges, and situations to encourage resilience, test temperament, and further desensitize the puppies. All of these practices result in well-adjusted puppies that are prepped for activities and experiences in the outside world.

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At 7.5 weeks of age, we perform our Puppy Evaluations. This test is used to assess the different personalities of the puppies. This information will better help us match you and your family to the puppy that fits your needs the best. Puppies vary in energy levels, dominance, confidence, and tolerance. We make it a priority to evaluate each and every puppy to get a proper understanding of their characteristics. 
The puppies undergo a series of tests that challenge their stress tolerance, bravery, and aptitude. The entire test is videotaped, recorded, and interpreted. The results of the test are then used to determine what setting would best suit the puppy. This process is essential for setting our puppies up for success. Matching the puppy with the right family is key to creating happy and healthy relationships with owner and pup.

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All of our dogs are raised inside our family home (with the exception of some out-sourced studs). This gives them plenty of socialization and ensures that no medical issues go unrecognized. Our dogs are always kept up to date on vaccines and vet checks. Our dogs are also genetically tested to confirm they are proper candidates for breeding. 
During pregnancy, mothers are under careful supervision. Maintaining a healthy weight and avoiding dangerous activities are among the things that we look out for during this time. Mothers are given special additives to their regular diet to compensate for the extra calories needed during gestation.
All our adults receive ample exercise to maintain physical and mental health. Our dogs are also groomed at home by Bethany and Maddie. They follow a strict 6-week grooming schedule to avoid any health issues caused by overgrown or unkept hair.

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Genetic testing is crucial for quality dog breeding. By performing genetic tests, we can identify if a dog carries any genetic faults, helping us avoid undesirable traits. Using Embark, we test our dogs for nearly 200 different health related genes. All of our dogs must pass each and every one of those tests in order to be admitted into our program. We also coat color test our dogs to get an understanding of what coat patterns we might get from a certain breeding pair.
You can find each dog's genetic test results under their name in the "Our Dogs" tab.

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